France / Germany: Cargill furthers investment in specialty cocoa

France / Germany: Cargill furthers investment in specialty cocoa

Having recently announced a $48 million investment towards a new facility in Belgium, Cargill is now expanding its speciality cocoa liquor capabilities by investing €10 million ($13.8 million) into its existing plants in France and Germany to meet growing consumer demands for premium and organic products.

According to Food Business News, the investment in France will focus on enhancing and expanding the Fine Flavor range of cocoa liquors, while a production line has been dedicated to the manufacturing of small batch specialty liquors with subtle signature tastes.

Meanwhile the German investment will also focus on the production of specialty liquors for the chocolate market, increasing the company’s response to the additional demand for quality liquor.

Philippe Huet, managing director of cocoa for Cargill Cocoa and Chocolate, commented on the investment by saying: “These liquors are used in our wide range of chocolate recipes and in our organic certified cocoa butter and powders.”

He further added: “Our customers expect us to keep innovating and adding value to their products, and these investments are focused on delivering for their success.”

Source: Food Business News