France: Eclor acquires Sunny Delight brand

France: Eclor acquires Sunny Delight brand

Quoting Rayons Boissons, LSA is reporting that the  Sunny Delight brand in France is to be purchased by Eclor.

With the acquisition, Eclor, which is predominantly a cider producer, is aiming to strengthen its position in the fruit drinks market. The company previously acquired another fruit drink brand, Danao, in 2005.

Commenting on the move, Daniel Alcabas, marketing director of Eclor’s subsidiary Agrial, said that the acquisition would make Eclor the “third player” behind Tropicana and Andros.  Priced at €1.85 ($2.54) per 1.25 litre pack, Sunny Delight is “the most accessible juice in its segment", he added.

In France, Sunny Delight currently enjoys 5% market share. A new major advertising campaign – the brand's first in three years – is said to be planned to bolster the brand profile.

In another significant change, Eclor has announced that it is proposing to shift manufacture of the drink to a French co-packer – likely to be LSDH (the manufacturer of Danao) or Refresco (a former producer of Sunny Delight) by the end of the year. The drink is currently produced and bottled by Sunny Delight Spain.

Source: LSA