France: Danone experimenting with screen technology for fridge units

France: Danone experimenting with screen technology for fridge units

France-based firm Danone is experimenting with a new 'screen' technology that allows it to communicate messages to consumers digitally at point of sale, according to an article in LSA.

Designed for the transparent 'doors' that are a now common feature of many supermarket chiller cabinets, the screen is intended to increase interaction with the consumer in the retail environment and encourage more impulse purchases. The 1.6mm screen, designed by Canadian firm Crystal Frame, would enable Danone to transmit several seconds of marketing content relating to the product or the category in general.

"The idea is to enrich the act of buying for the consumer in store through communication such as, for instance,  additional information about the product, possible recipe ideas, tactile displays, even a yoghurt that seems to 'tap on the glass'. Immediacy is important and the content can be changed at any moment", explained Fabien Couturier,  key account manager at Danone Produits Frais France.

"There are lots of things to be explored. The limit to this project is our imagination", added Nativité Rodriguez, activation director at Danone Produits Frais France. "As market leaders, we have to think one step ahead".

The screens are currently in place at two Carrefour stores, with Monoprix and Leclerc reportedly set to test the new technology from September.

Source: LSA