France: Carrefour to launch smartwatch shopping experience

France: Carrefour to launch smartwatch shopping experience

French supermarket chain Carrefour has announced that it is to become the first retailer to test a new app allowing customers to shop using their smartwatch.

Connecting with Carrefour's C-où app will allow consumers to track their shopping list on their watch as they shop, the firm revealed. To develop the technology, Carrefour said it had collaborated with Publicis Shopper and Think&Go to allow customers with a Samsung Gear S watch and a compatible Samsung smartphone to access their shopping lists and their loyalty cards.

“Customers draw up their shopping list on their Samsung smartphone using the new C-où mobile app, and then magically, the list appears on their smartwatch”, Carrefour explained in a statement. “The list is then organised by category (Beverages, Beauty / Health Care, Groceries, etc.). They have only to glance at their wrists to see it and can update it as they shop. And when they arrive at the checkout, they can use any advantages they may have on their loyalty card – their smartwatch can display it”.

The smartwatch experience is being tested at Carrefour’s store in Villeneuve-la-Garenne. The company added that it hoped to be able expand the technology to other Android watches in the next few months.

Source: Carrefour