Food cans send a clear message

Food cans send a clear message

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MANCHESTER – 2nd February 2017: This month’s Innovation Insight takes a look at the future of packaging technology in preserved food, with the launch of a new line that brings the benefits of transparent plastic to the canned food aisle: Glory Farms Slow-Cooked Canned Vegetables.

Promoted as “the most notable innovation in canned vegetables since canning was invented”, Glory Farms Slow-Cooked Canned Vegetables from US-based McCall Farms are promising to reinvigorate preserved vegetables with packaging that gives a new - and literal – meaning to ‘transparency’ in the canned foods space. The line is said to be the first to make use of packaging firm Sonoco Products’ TruVue plastic can, which features conventional metal ends but a body made from clear, multi-layer plastic, allowing the contents of the can to be prominently showcased on shelf. Although said to have some reported drawbacks over conventional metal cans – including a slight price premium, the greater complexity of recycling and somewhat reduced shelf life (reportedly no more than two years, versus three plus years for a metal can) – TrueVue nonetheless offers significant shelf standout benefits that McCall Farms no doubt hopes will give it the edge over rival brands.

The launch of Glory Farms Slow-Cooked Canned Vegetables underlines the need for bold and creative packaging innovation in the canned food space to address the category’s long-standing image problem, especially among younger age groups. As recent product activity has indicated, further shifts from metal to plastic seem increasingly inevitable, especially as canned food looks to compete on a more equal footing with non-preserved alternatives in perceptions of freshness, quality, nutritional benefits and flavour.

Image source: McCall Farms (via BusinessWire)

Additional sources: Project Nosh


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