Fish scales new heights in savoury snacks

Fish scales new heights in savoury snacks

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MANCHESTER – 7th July 2016: New avenues in snacking are the subject of this week’s Innovation Insight, as Gama explores a launch that demonstrates how fish companies can exploit demand for natural, high-protein options in the mainstream savoury snacks category – FishSnack’s Fish & Chips.

Advertised as “delicious & traditional”, FishSnack’s Fish & Chips from Barcelona-based Savia Natura is a new dried fish-based launch that seeks to align itself to a a growing movement within savoury snacks prizing high protein, low calorie and natural formulations. In a nod to the British seaside classic, FishSnack’s Fish & Chips comprises a straightforward blend of fish and potato ingredients: specifically dried fish skin (60% of the total product) mixed with traditional potato crisps. The ingredient list is kept 'clean', with only sunflower oil and salt listed alongside the primary ingredients of dried cod, dried ling and potatoes.

As snacking evolves into a more all-embracing concept, with a heavier emphasis on 'fuel', flavour and natural benefits, new opportunities are set to present themselves for manufacturers of traditional meat, fish and poultry products in innovation terms. Among a new generation of adventurous, health-oriented snacks, preserved fish could stand to gain from  growing demand for the bold savoury flavours, high protein content and simple, natural ingredients that are increasingly characterizing product innovation within the savoury snacking sphere.

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