Finland: Fazer buys oat specialist Bioferme

Finland: Fazer buys oat specialist Bioferme

Fazer, the bakery and confectionery producer, has announced that it has acquired fellow Finnish firm Bioferme, a specialist in the manufacture of oat-based foods.

Established in 1977, Bioferme owns the established Yosa brand in Finland. Its portfolio consists of fermented oat products, including a range of non-dairy yoghurts, as well as recently-introduced cooking products.

Fazer said that acquiring Bioferme would give it a “strong start” in the “rapidly growing” segment of oat-based products. In step with the acquisition, the firm said that it would set up a new dedicated business unit called Fazer Lifestyle Foods which is to focus on non-dairy products, plant-based meals and on-the-go food and drinks.

“We are continuing our growth strategy and are set for internationalisation [...]”, said Christoph Vitzthum, president and CEO of the Fazer Group. “We proceed with developing the Group towards a modern, sustainable food company, building on high-quality nutrition and adjacent new businesses. We see great opportunities for the new business area. Our ambition is to significantly grow this business with a broad international focus”.

Source: Fazer