Europe: Tate & Lyle Sugars debuts wet fondants

Europe: Tate & Lyle Sugars debuts wet fondants

Tate & Lyle is due to market new wet fondants in the European market, in a move that is designed to expand the company’s ability to serve bakery and confectionery markets.

The latest products are the result of an investment in a new production facility and will join an existing range of cane and syrups marketed by the company. The product is launching 'block' fondant in packs starting at 15kg, but will also be able to provide bulk formats.

"Our new fondants are a welcome addition to our successful and comprehensive portfolio that already includes dry fondant sugars and specialist syrups, used widely by manufacturers," said sales director Nigel Bradford.

"This launch enables us to work more closely and collaboratively with bakery and confectionery customers, and by providing such a wide range of sugars, syrups and fondants, we are saving manufacturers valuable time when sourcing their ingredients."

Source: FoodBev