USA: Talenti turns social media posts into ice cream flavours

USA: Talenti turns social media posts into ice cream flavours

Unilever-owned US ice cream firm Talenti Gelato has released Flavorize Me, a new marketing campaign which analyses consumers' social media posts to find out their perfect flavour based on social media interaction.

The system works on an algorithm which connects to consumer’s social media platforms, scans their Instagram, Twitter, Facebook posts and applies a “flavour sentiment” – such as spicy, sweet, and salty – to each post. Word choice, emojis, and colour also play a part in selecting each user's individual flavour preference. These are then combined with ingredients to create personalised flavours such as Hungarian shortbread mint.

“We’re giving people and their friends the chance to create a gelato flavour unique to their friendship,” said Talenti founder JoshHochschuler. “In the same way people’s quirks and passions make up their personality, our ingredients make us uniquely Talenti.”

As a further feature, consumers will also have the option to invite their friends to join their flavour, and by adding friends the combination of ingredients develops and creates a one of a kind ice cream flavour. With more than 1,500 words assigned to flavour profiles and with many different ingredients available there is a potential for over 145 million blends, the firm added.

Source: FoodBev