“Epic” crisps target the digital generation

“Epic” crisps target the digital generation

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MANCHESTER – 11th February 2016: In this week’s Innovation Insight we look at an attempt to reinvent savoury snacks for the digital generation through the use of irreverent marketing, unusual branding and visually arresting packaging – Kims All In Crisps.

In an apparent effort to redirect its energies to the tweens and teens markets, Danish snack and crisp manufacturer Kims has unveiled Kims All In Crisps, a new line – sold in Epic Beef, Cheezburger, Much Chili and Pizza varieties – that cultivates quirkiness and humour through the use of unorthodox branding, aligned to a multimedia-based digital strategy. Packaging for the new brand features bold colourways alongside incongruous imagery – such as kittens inside flying saucers – and arcane or slang-inspired slogans in combinations of both Danish and English. Turning to the reverse of the packaging, Kims continues the ‘oddball’ theme with further quirky marketing text and graphics, placed inside a white frame that seems to resemble the interface of a web browser. Notably, this nod to the digital world recognises an important pillar of the brand’s marketing strategy, with Kim’s looking to reach its core demographic via the medium of video-sharing site YouTube, in collaboration with digital media house Splay Danmark.

Kim’s All In Crisps serve as an illustration of how companies can look to humorous and edgy concepts, linked to carefully-targeted social media strategy, to position products to a younger audience. In particular, appropriating social media vernacular (through terms such as “epic”), emphasising individuality and imitability, and playing on the notions of ‘extremes’ and ‘challenges’, can all help firms looking to subvert the conventions of more traditional marketing messages and reach out to the evolving Generation Y consumer.

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