‘Egg’ biscuits hatch from an app

‘Egg’ biscuits hatch from an app

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MANCHESTER – 3rd July 2015: The growing power of digital media to act as a driver for new product development is the subject of Gama’s latest innovation insight, as we look at a biscuit product born out of a proprietary mobile application – Artiach Dinosaurus Eggs Biscuits.

Unveiled as an extension to the Dinosaurus line in Spain, Artiach Dinosaurus Eggs Biscuits from Adam Foods is the fruit of a strategy that demonstrates the ability of a digital initiative to move from ‘supporting cast’ to ‘centre stage’. Themed around the Dinosaurus brand, the Dinosaurus Huevos (‘Eggs’)  app takes the form of a mobile game which – reminiscent of the Tamagotchi craze of the 1990s – allows children to ‘bring into the world’ a digital pet (a dinosaur that ‘hatches’ from an egg) that they are then encouraged to nurture and care for as it grows. Initially developed to promote the Dinosaurus brand among children, Dinosaurus Huevos has now gained an identity and following of its own, with more than a million downloads reported since its launch in March 2014. In turn, this success has prompted the launch of a ‘real’ food product of the same name as the company now seeks to tap into the popularity of its own mobile initiative.

The ‘role reversal’ exemplified by Artiach Dinosaurus Eggs Biscuits is a further underlining of the power of digital and social media strategies not only to support a product launch but to drive brand value in their own right. In this new reality, as the boundary between the ‘physical’ and ‘digital’ product becomes ever more indistinct, FMCG companies may find that digital and product innovation become two sides of the same coin, especially when it comes to securing long-term brand appeal among an emerging, technologically-immersed generation of younger consumers.

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Image source: Adam Foods


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