Denmark: Arla announces investment plans for 2014

Denmark: Arla announces investment plans for 2014

Arla has announced plans to invest DKK2.2bn ($397m) into 10 of its dairy sites of the course of 2014, with the aim of boosting production, targeting emerging markets and becoming more environmentally -friendly.

The dairy manufacturer hopes to double exports of its products to growth markets outside the EU by 2017, including Russia, China, the Middle East and Africa.

Other investments include a new lactose production site in Denmark. The new site will produce value-added lactose products based on whey produced by the company’s other facilities. These lactose products are designed to be used in children’s products and sold globally to the food industry.

"This year we are increasing our investments to dairy sites that contribute to our export out of Europe. Our sales on the growth markets outside the EU are growing at a fast pace, and we must prepare ourselves to meet the rapidly growing demand in years to come,"   said Arla vice-CEO Povl Krogsgaard.

Arla has also announced that it is set to spend DKK125m ($23m) on making its production more environmentally-friendly. Among its targets is to reduce total CO2 output by 25%.

Source: Just Food