Colombia: Starbucks set to open first coffee shop

Colombia: Starbucks set to open first coffee shop

The American coffee company Starbucks has announced that it is opening its first coffee shop in Colombia. The opening, in the capital Bogota, makes Colombia the 62nd country where Starbucks operates.

The outlet is be the first of 50 stores that the American company is planning to open until 2018 in Colombia, America Economia reports.

Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, commented: “We want customers get into our stores and immediately be attracted by the atmosphere, design and merchandise, so that it creates an  emotional connection. The quality of our coffee and our ability to make drinks tailored to the consumer are very personal, so it will be a factor of distinction".

America Economia also notes that the new store is located close by an outlet operated by Juan Valdez, Colombia’s most established coffee shop chain, although Schultz is reported as commenting that Starbucks is not intending to start a price war.

Meanwhile International Business Times reports Schultz as saying that new stores will serve only Colombian coffee – a product for which Starbucks is currently the major global buyer.

Source: America Economia / International Business Times