Colombia: Aldor exports up in 2013

Colombia: Aldor exports up in 2013

Aldor, one of the leading companies in the confectionery market in Colombia, is reporting that it has managed to achieve its target of exporting $40 million over the course of 2013, increasing sales by 17%.

The company currently exports to 60 countries in South America, the Caribbean, Africa and the Middle East, and has high expectations of consolidating business in Mexico, Chile and Central America. Aldor put  its success was down to a deep understanding of local consumers combined with knowledge and global and regional trend.

Juan Carlos Cabal, International Business Manager commented: "We are very demanding about achieving excellent competitiveness in the markets where we operate.  We are building business in countries where we have treaties or alliances with the vision of the long-term sustainability of our business."

Among the most popular products exported were lollipops and bubble gum, the company said.

Source:  Food News Latam