Coffee aims upscale with microwave innovation

Coffee aims upscale with microwave innovation

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MANCHESTER – 26th November 2015: Gama returns to the RTD coffee shelves for this week’s Innovation Insight, taking a look at innovative microwaveable packaging that enables consumers to recreate the ‘coffee shop’ experience in their own home – Suntory Renji De Torokeru Hot Latte.

In an apparent first for the RTD coffee space, Suntory is expanding its long-standing RTD tea and coffee range with a premium-oriented launch offering an indulgent experience. Unlike many similar Japanese products that are sold either hot or chilled and are designed to be consumed on the go, Suntory Renji De Torokeru Hot Latte is instead designed to be consumed at home, with the consumer heating up the product in the microwave. Developed with the colder months of the year in mind, the product takes the form of a winter treat: consumers choosing from a Super Rich Cafe Latte that features Suntory Boss coffee “roasted carefully using selected coffee beans, mixed with milk, offering a melting, rich taste” and Luxury Green Tea Latte “made with 100% stone milled green tea and mixed with mild milk”.

With RTD coffee sales reportedly stagnating in Japan since moves by convenience stores into ‘freshly brewed’ products, Suntory’s launch can be seen as an effort to create a new occasion for coffee drinking: offering the complete ‘coffee shop’ experience in the consumer’s own home, through the means of a ready to drink product. Suntory Renji De Torokeru Hot Latte serves as a reminder that the new-found appeal of coffee shops lies as much in aspiration and indulgence as in on-the-go convenience, and, for manufacturers, successfully translating the ‘coffee shop’ experience into a retail product offers new opportunities for differentiation and premiumisation.

Image source: Suntory


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