Chocolate joins the party with sparkling wine launch

Chocolate joins the party with sparkling wine launch

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MANCHESTER – 18th December 2015:  This week’s Innovation Insight looks at the latest attempt to add diversity to the wine market through a new female-positioned, low-alcohol offering melding prosecco-style fizz with the ‘treat’ value of chocolate – Choco Secco Sparkling Chocolate Wine.

Promoted as bringing together “dynamic megatrends” for chocolate and ‘secco’-style sparkling wine, Choco Secco Sparkling Chocolate Wine is the latest addition to German firm Katlenburger’s range of low abv cocktails, FABs, and wine-based drinks, and continues the company’s emphasis on unusual flavours and ‘fun’ or novelty concepts. The launch, which comes in a 750ml gold-themed bottle and is priced at an entry-level €3.99, is said to target women who “love chocolate and tingling indulgence” and taps into what Katlenburger describes as a “booming” ‘secco’ market and increased demand for flavoured wines. Advertised as “the new dimension to enjoy chocolate”, Choco Secco is described as offering “combined indulgence” at a relatively low abv of 5.9%.

Where Choco Secco Sparkling Chocolate Wine differs from some previous attempts at ‘chocolate wine’ is its emphasis on fun and conviviality over ‘luxury’ or flavour complexity. In the way that it associates itself with social occasions (“together with friends”), Choco Secco seems to be cut from the same cloth as products such as Friends Fun Wine Coffee Flavoured Wine, serving as a reminder, that, in the wine space, reaching out to new or occasional consumers necessitates a stronger focus on a relaxed, shared experience and a greater degree of informality in concept and marketing.

Image source: Katlenburger


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