Chocolate bars find a new home in eye cosmetics

Chocolate bars find a new home in eye cosmetics

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MANCHESTER – 28th May 2015: This week Gama returns to look at the infiltration of ‘sweet treats’ into the health and beauty industry, casting an eye over the latest example of chocolate-inspired cosmetics indulgence – Etude House Give Me Chocolate Eyeshadow.

Newly launched in South Korea as a limited edition, Etude House Give Me Chocolate Eyeshadow forms part of a chocolate-inspired collection that uses the ‘tempting’ form and aromas of confectionery to imbue colour cosmetics with added sensory value. Released alongside a chocolate-scented nail polish, the product takes the “chocolate” theme further than most by not only offering a chocolate scent but also, by virtue of its unusual form, bearing a striking physical resemblance to an actual bar of chocolate: sold as a duo, the darker brown shade resembles a block of chocolate divided into ‘squares’, while the second shade has the appearance of a wrapper, partly torn open as though to reveal the ‘bar’ inside. Etude House Give Me Chocolate Eyeshadow is available in a choice of three ‘flavours’ – Cherry Truffle, Cacao Fudge and Salted Caramel – and is marketed with a list of 10 ‘reasons’ why the consumer might deserve a chocolate ‘gift’, from “I had a bad day” to “I’m falling in love”.

The introduction of the Etude House Give Me Chocolate range – in particular the ‘chocolate bar’ eyeshadow format – is a further indication of the rise of tempting scent and general food-oriented indulgence in the health and beauty industry, and not only in categories conventionally associated with fragrance. Through creative innovation, producers of colour cosmetics may stand to benefit from an expanded role for scent and indulgence within a range of makeup categories, as consumers hone in on multi-sensory benefits and begin to demand more from their cosmetic purchases than pure aesthetic value.

Image source: Etude House


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