China: Yake Food to enter mineral water market

China: Yake Food to enter mineral water market

Fujian, China based candy manufacturer Yake Food has entered the mineral water market with a “premium” offering under the Changbai Springs brand name.

The line is said to feature an award winning packaging design and is based around the core idea of a “Changbai Oasis” offering “the first morning cup of water”. According to PET Engineering, the company behind the bottle, the design was “born from the idea of enobling the PET through a precious design and a glass-like finish that would make possible its association to the concepts of elegance”.

“In a market like the Chinese one, the association of a quality product and a container with strong shelf-appeal is the key to secure and lasting success”, PET Engineering CEO Moreno Barel commented.

Changbai Springs Mineral Water is available in 350ml, 520ml, 750ml and 4.5 l sizes with an RRP of 2.5 CNY ($0.38), 3 CNY ($0.46), 5 CNY ($0.77) and 15 CNY ($2.30) respectively.

In addition to its new mineral water business, Yake Food produces a wide range of confectionery and snack products and has an annual production of over 50,000 tonnes.

Source: Yake Food