China: Red Bull primed for launch

China: Red Bull primed for launch

Energy drinks manufacturer Red Bull is planning to release Red Bull in China after recently gaining the necessary permissions to launch.

Red Bull – the leading global energy drinks brand – could soon be on shelves in China after the Austrian manufacturer finally gained approval for launch. Reports state the process has been a lengthy one including delays in May 2013 due to issues over distribution rights. As part of the launch, Red Bull will open an office in Shanghai, according to an Austrian newspaper publication.

"The aim is a selective distribution of Red Bull, limited to urban areas and a target group that knows the brand from abroad. We want to develop a feel for the market and the consumers," a company spokesperson is quoted as saying.

The Austrian energy drinks company, based near Salzburg, sold 5.2 billion cans of energy drink last year and achieved sales of € 4.9billion.

Source: Fast Moving / China Bev News