Canada: Wellness Foods launches Simply Veggie Savoury Bar

Canada: Wellness Foods launches Simply Veggie Savoury Bar

Wellness Foods has introduced Simply Veggie Savoury Bar, a range of savoury granola bars made with vegetables, in Canada.

According to Wellness Foods, the development of the line came as the result of a a survey in which 70% of respondents said they felt fuller after eating a savoury snack than a sweet snack.

Each of the new bars is said containing one full portion of vegetables and more protein than sugar (5 grams of protein versus 4 grams of sugar). In addition, the product is promoted as having a satiating effect that lasts three hours.

Commenting on the launch, Cathy Richards, CEO of Wellness Foods, said: "At Wellness Foods, we've developed entirely different snack alternatives”, adding: “Our typical consumers are health-conscious women but we think it appeals to men as well”.

The new vegetable snack bar range comes in four varieties  - Sesame Chives, Smoky BBQ Peppers, Chili, and Herb  - and is available for C$2.49 ($1.97).

Source: Wellness Foods