Canada: Nestle launches ‘calorie counting’ Smarties pack

Canada: Nestle launches ‘calorie counting’ Smarties pack

Nestle Canada is re-launching the packaging of its Smarties confectionery to make it easier for consumers to eat the product in healthier portion sizes, according to a report in the Canadian Grocer.

The new packaging format is 45 grams compared to 50 grams previously, and each box is described as being divided into three compartments containing 15 Smarties, adding up to 70 calories.

Catherine O’Brien, vice-president of corporate affairs at Nestle Canada in Toronto commented: “What we’re doing is providing a package that really is a tangible way for consumers to be a bit more mindful about their choices when they’re having a treat. It’s a physical disruption to your eating pattern, just to make you think before you overdo it”.

The new packs are expected to be rolled out across Canada by the end of March.

Source: Canadian Grocer