Canada: Lait Kaiser & Cult Yogourt to acquire Chagnon Dairy

Canada: Lait Kaiser & Cult Yogourt to acquire Chagnon Dairy

Canadian dairy manufacturers Lait Kaiser and Cult Yogourt have agreed to acquire Chagnon Dairy, an independent creamery and milk brand in Quebec, Canada.

Chagnon produces over 4 million litres of fluid milk, butter, ice cream and other dairy products. The acquisition of a 30,000 sq ft food creamery will help Lait Kaiser and Cul Yogourt to strengthen manufacturing and innovate in the dairy industry, according to claims.

"Lait Kaiser and Cult Yogourt align strategically because both companies are disrupting the Quebec dairy industry with innovative products like non-GMO single farm origin milk and easier-to-digest Jersey cow whole milk cultured dairy products," commented Cult Yogourt president Adam Coape-Arnold.

Cult Yogourt produces greek yoghurt, drinkable kefir and whole milk while Lait Kaiser produces 1.5million litres of milk per year and manufactures the Vila Lait brand non-GMO fluid milk.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

Source: Nasdaq