Canada: Jamie Oliver teams up with retailer Sobeys

Canada: Jamie Oliver teams up with retailer Sobeys

Jamie Oliver and Sobeys have teamed up to launch a “Compilations Presents: Jamie Oliver Discovers Canada” line, with the stated aim of helping Canadian consumers make the most of summer.

The Canadian Grocer reports that the limited-edition summer-themed product will include 13 SKUs and is in line with Sobeys’ promise to provide consumers with sustainable product offerings.

According to Gillian Kerr, Vice President of marketing at Sobeys, “The line is meant to help Canadians make the most of summer entertaining and back yard barbecues”. She went on to say “When Jamie was in Canada, last fall, he tasted every item and tweaked the product recipe until they were perfect”.

Kerr added: “The line-up is unique because of its distinctly Canadian ingredients. From the apples and blackberries in our apple and blackberry crisp, to the salmon in our two varieties of fresh salmon burgers and fully loaded chicken burgers, these products have flavours that are familiar to Canadians”.

Source: Canadian Grocer