Canada: Campbell’s overhauls canned soup line

Canada: Campbell’s overhauls canned soup line

Campbell’s in Canada has refreshed more than 50 SKUs in its lineup with new labels, new reformulations and the launch of new varieties.

The revamp sees the reformulation of heritage brands such as Classic Chicken Noodle (the company’s biggest seller) as well as a debut for new flavours such as Homestyle Rustic Lentil, Creamy Tomato and Italian Wedding.

Moya Brown, senior director of marketing at Campbell, explained that the new labels were designed to be more contemporary and, at the same time, to  emphasize the products’ family-friendly appeal. The labels are said to feature bright colours as well as providing an artistic rendering of the key ingredients in each variety.

“The number one objective is breaking through and being very distinct at shelf-level and having the consumer be able to either very quickly find the variety they’re looking for, or discover a new variety”, she said.

According to the Canadian Grocer, the Campbell’s relaunch sees its soup business rationalized from eight brands to three core brands, with  some new varieties added and others eliminated entirely. The new portfolio comprises the ready-to-serve range with its “all-family appeal”, the  recently-introduced Everyday Gourmet line, and the Chunky range.

Source: Canadian Grocer