Canada: Ansell launches world’s first anti-viral condom

Canada: Ansell launches world’s first anti-viral condom

Ansell, an Australian contraceptive manufacturer, is launching the world’s first condom to feature anti-viral technology, according to a report in Inside FMCG .

The condom, launching in Canada, is marketed under the LifeStyles Dual Protect brand, and it was developed with the active ingredient VivaGel, which was created by Australian biotech firm Starpharma. The VivaGel ingredient is said to inactivate HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), HSV (herpes simplex virus) and HPV (human papillomavirus).

Jeyan Heper, President and General Manager, Sexual Wellness Global Business Unit at Ansell said: "At Ansell, safety and innovation have always been at the forefront of our mission, and we pride ourselves on our ability to identify the needs of our consumers and develop innovative products that not only protect users, but enhance the sexual experience".

Starpharma added that it was "delighted to be working with Ansell to bring the highly innovative product to the North American market" and said that it was looking forward to making it available around the world.

Source: Inside FMCG