Brown and green rule coffee and tea packaging

Brown and green rule coffee and tea packaging

Insight by Gama Compass™

MANCHESTER – 27th August 2015: Innovation dynamics in tea and coffee are the subject of our latest study of product innovation from Gama Compass™. Based on introductions reported over the last 18 months, Gama has analysed factors such as claims, pack format and pack design to find that– despite often being bracketed together – tea and coffee often reveal quite significant differences in relation to both product attributes and packaging choices.

Among the most striking insights unearthed by Gama’s study was the way that conventions seemed to hold true when it came to the primary pack colours employed for new products: brown was used as the main colour for 28% of launches in the coffee market, while green featured as the main colour for 20% of new tea launches. One interesting further finding was the extent to which claims impacted on pack colour choice: for example, the number of tea launches using green as a main pack colour increased to over 30% when a ‘natural’ claim was involved.

Elsewhere, while there were inevitable differences in pack format between the two markets, Gama’s study did emerge with a couple of notable findings: for instance, that use of pouch packaging in new launches (excluding RTD products) stood at over 11% in tea, compared  to less than 8% in coffee. Elsewhere there were fewer than two new RTD coffee introductions in bottles for every new product in a can; in RTD tea launches, however, the ratio of cans to bottles was approximately 1:4.

Source: Gama Compass™


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