Bringing crisps to the breakfast table

Bringing crisps to the breakfast table

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MANCHESTER – 21st May 2015: This week’s innovation feature looks at an experimental new category of breakfast foods that underlines the rapid evolution of consumer breakfast habits towards on-the-go snack products: the fruit-flavoured Koikeya Breakfast Potato Chips.

In an attempt to help crisps break free from the confines of the snacks market, Koikeya, a Tokyo-based manufacturer of snack products, is launching Koikeya Breakfast Potato Chips, a new line of fruit-flavour potato crisps designed to replace traditional breakfast foods. Seeking to capitalize on what it describes as a “booming breakfast market” in Japan, Koikeya states that its aim is to help crisps become “as widely accepted as a breakfast food as bread, rice and granola”.

In a nod to the traditions of fruit as a breakfast food – as well as acknowledging the recent growth in other fruit-flavoured Japanese breakfast foods such as cereals and pancakes – Koikeya Breakfast Potato Chips have been developed in Peach and Banana varieties: the two fruit flavours, according to the company, which were “best matched” to a crisp product. The products feature real fruit, including Japanese peaches and banana powder, and are being “targeted at all generations, from kids to seniors”. Aside from a convenience snack, the new products are also being promoted as a recipe ingredient, with consumers invited to use the banana variety, for instance, to create a dish of marshmallow banana toast with chocolate.

The launch of Koikeya Breakfast Potato Chips and the transition of a traditional snack category such as crisps to the breakfast arena says much about the changing nature of consumer breakfast habits and the resultant impact on traditional breakfast foods. Much in the same way as the recently-launched BelVita Breakfast Bites, Koikeya Breakfast Potato Chips reveal the ever more fragmentary nature of breakfast as a meal occasion and the increasingly indistinct lines between convenience breakfast foods and traditional snack products.

Image source: Koikeya


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