Brazil: Raisio launches Benecol brand

Brazil: Raisio launches Benecol brand

Finnish food products company Raisio has announced that it is launching its Benecol brand, associated with cholesterol lowering benefits, in Brazil.

Working in partnership with Shefa, a local dairy producer, Raisio has unveiled a UHT milk under the name Shefa Benecol Lacteo.

The new partnership supports  Raisio’s target of expanding its business into other markets, according to a company statement. Shefa is a major Brazilian producer of dairy products and beverages and Raisio aims to extend its range with other Benecol products in the future, the company said.

Mikko Laavainen, Vice President for Raisio’s Licensed brands, commented:“With our long-term efforts at Benecol business, we aim to expand into new markets with our local partners. Demand for cholesterol-lowering functional foods is growing particularly fast in Asia and South-America due to improved standard of living and changing eating habits. Benecol products are sold in almost 30 countries. In South America, Benecol products are available in Chile, Ecuador and Columbia, and now in Brazil".

Source: Raisio