Brazil: Pipo to launch Ovomaltine popcorn

Brazil: Pipo to launch Ovomaltine popcorn

Pipo, a Brazilian producer of gourmet popcorn products, is collaborating with traditional malt drink brand Ovomaltine to create a new special edition flavour, according to a report in Giro News.

The new Pipo Ovomaltine Popcorn is being launched to celebrate 70 years of the Ovomaltine brand in Brazil, and is being sold in 500ml and 1l canisters, recalling the packaging used for the malt powder drink itself.

Commenting on the launch, Ovomaltine marketing director Silvia Amaral said: "Pipo gourmet popcorn is furthering our mission to bring unique experiences to our customers, and this new product offers the unmistakeable flavour and crunchiness of Ovomaltine. We are really excited by this new launch".

Pipo Ovomaltine Popcorn is the latest in a series of new product launches in Brazil to feature the malt drink brand as a flavour. Over the past year, Ovomaltine has also partnered with bakery firm Bauducco on Ovomaltine flavour wafer biscuits and panettone, as well as with restaurant companies Pizza Hut, Diletto, Burger King and  McDonald's on Ovomaltine flavour ice cream, desserts and milkshakes.

Source: Giro News