Brazil: PepsiCo to launch Drinkfinity enhanced water concept

Brazil: PepsiCo to launch Drinkfinity enhanced water concept

Exclusively online and for the Brazilian market, PepsiCo is launching its new fruit-flavoured water brand Drinkfinity.

Described by the company as a "personal and portable hydration system", the new product system is composed of a reusable plastic bottle dubbed "Vessel" that is designed to be used in conjunction with Pods – small capsules containing a blend of flavouring and nutrients in liquid or powder form which are inserted into  the top. The company recommends filling the bottle with filtered water and adding a capsule of choice on the go.

Drinkfinity is currently available as a starter pack consisting of a bottle and two packs of 10 capsules each.  The capsules line is available in four different versions: Live your Day  for those looking for extra energy at work, Take a Break for a time-out moment in a busy day, "Energize" for an energy boost, and "Exercise & Play" which is designed for those doing physical exercise.

Starter packs are currently on sale through a dedicated site, priced at RS$90 ($33).

Source: PepsiCo