Brazil: Pao de Acucar trials bulk sales

Brazil: Pao de Acucar trials bulk sales

Pao de Acucar, Brazil’s leading supermarket chain and part of the French Casino group, has started selling a number of items in bulk with the reported aim of encouraging the reuse of packaging, according to an article in Giro News.

Dubbed “Reusing #tobehappy’, the project will allow consumers to fill their own containers (pots, cans, cartons or any other suitable packaging) brought from home, or else to purchase resusable glass jars, which are available in four sizes ranging from 240ml for R$4.99 ($1.54) to 810ml for the price of R$9.99 ($3.09).

Initially the initiative includes 40 types of bulk food, including grains, seeds, cereal, chocolate, tea, peppers, peanuts, himalayan salt and dried fruit, and this is expected to be extended to 60 by the end of the year

The project will be piloted at the Ricardo Jafet store in Sao Paulo, with the expectation of being rolled out to other locations in the city of Sao Paulo in the coming months.

Source: Giro News