Brazil: Obrigado launches detox drink with matcha

Brazil: Obrigado launches detox drink with matcha

Brazilian coconut water firm Obrigado has extended its line of fruit waters and juices with the launch of a “detox drink” made from matcha together with 10 fruits and vegetables.

Promoted as a “100% natural” drink, the product is free of sugar and preservatives and combines matcha tea with an “exclusive” combination of apple, pineapple, grape, melon, lemon and kiwi juices, whole coconut water, cabbage pulp, ginger, cucumber and mint.

Additionally said to be low in sodium (2.2 mg per 200ml serving), Obrigado Matcha Detox Drink is also advertised as free of cholesterol and trans fat and contains 164mg of potassium per serving. The product is available in versions 1 litre cartons retailed at R$10.90 ($3.02), and 350ml plastic bottles, retailed at R$7.50 ($2.08).

Obrigado offers both unflavoured and flavoured coconut waters, the latter available in varieties including jabuticaba, green tea, cranberry, pear & pineapple and lemongrass & ginger.

Source: Obrigado