Brazil: Ebba launches Maguary “nectar with pieces”

Brazil: Ebba launches Maguary “nectar with pieces”

Brazilian drinks firm Ebba has introduced what it claims to be the first fruit nectar containing real fruit pieces available in South America.

Maguary Nectar With Pieces is being made available in supermarkets across Brazil in a choice of four varieties: Peach, Pineapple, Apple and Mango.

Commenting on the launch, Ebba commercial director Fábio Levalessi said: “With the new ‘Maguary Pedacos product range, consumers will have a totally new drinking experience, amd can enjoy the unusual texture in every sip. Real fruit pieces give them a particularly intense flavour”/

The new product also features SIG Combibloc’s  ‘drinksplus’ technology that allows beverages with up to 10% natural particulate content to be processed and aseptically filled in carton packs.

Luciana Galvão, Head of Marketing at SIG Combibloc Americas, commented: “Beverages with perceptible bits are attracting attention right around the world […]These days, people want to eat a healthy and balanced diet, but they’re also looking for new taste experiences, moments of pure enjoyment and unusual textures. So beverage concepts with perceptible extras really tickle consumers’ tastebuds”.

Source: SIG