Brazil: Carrefour announces expansion plans

Brazil: Carrefour announces expansion plans

French retail giant Carrefour has announced its plans to invest in Brazil in 2015 with the remodelling of its larger hypermarkets and the expansion of its chain of local stores in Sao Paulo.

During a press briefing, Group CEO Charles Desmartis announced that 20 stores would be remodelled over the course of the year, with a further 40 to follow by 2016. Among the stated improvements will be a ‘cleaner’ visual appearance to give increased visibility to the merchandise, in particular to fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables and fruit. The move comes as Carrefour’s Brazilian superstores see sales pick up following a number of years of poor results, Giro News reports.

Meanwhile, Carrefour has also revealed that it is to expand its network of ‘local’ stores in Sao Paulo. From its current base of just 4 stores, the company said its plan was to have 3 to 4 locations in every 200 square metre area of the city by the end of the year.

In addition to bricks and mortar expansion, Carrefour said that it would also invest in the relaunch of its e-commerce platform, which is expected to take place in the second half of the year.

Source: Giro News / SBVC