Brazil: Arcor releases churros flavour panettone

Brazil: Arcor releases churros flavour panettone

Argentina confectionery firm Arcor’s Brazilian arm has announced the expansion of its line of filled panettone products with the launch of Churros and Brigadeiro Gourmet varieties.

According to New Trade, the churros flavour panettone features a touch of cinnamon and a milk caramel filling and is recommended to be sprinkled with cinnamon and icing sugar. The brigadeiro (chocolate fudge) flavour features chocolate chips and a brigadeiro flavoured filling.

"We’ve noticed how consumers are becoming interested in new interpretations of traditional confections”, said Anderson Freire, marketing manager of the chocolate, sweet and biscuit categories at Arcor Brasil. “Churros and brigadeiro, for example, are being put to new uses in food, so we found an opportunity to innovate by bringing first-of-their-kind flavours to our portfolio".

The new products are claimed to offer unique creaminess and a generous filling and are available in boxes of 550g.

Source: New Trade