Belgium: Cora explores new discounting concepts

Belgium: Cora explores new discounting concepts

Cora is trialling a new hypermarket concept placing greater emphasis on in-store promotions and discounting.

Promoted with the slogan “lowest prices in the region,” it highlights in-store promotions by grouping them together in a dedicated aisle. The idea has been unveiled  at Cora’s site in Hornu, Belgium.

Using ground floor lighting, a colour code indicates the various types of promotional activity: blue for discounted products, yellow for falling prices, and black for “challenger prices”. The store also features 100 dynamic screens and a self-scanning wall.

Carrefour, Auchan and Delhaize have reportedly also launched similar features within their latest refurbished stores.

Cora is a retail group with its headquarters in Belgium. Its brands include Match, Profi, Truffaut, Ecomax, Animalis, Sovena and Houra, as well as Cora-branded hypermarkets.

Source: Progressive Newsletter (quoting Kantar Retail)