Belgium: Colruyt opens ‘farm shop’ concept store

Belgium: Colruyt opens ‘farm shop’ concept store

Colruyt, a Belgian supermarket chain primarily focused on discount retailing, is opening a new 'deli' concept store with the aim of showcasing quality artisanal produce.

According to De Standaard, the store, named 'Cru', will not have a discount focus and will instead replicate the feel of a farm shop – from the rustic 'farm' styling through to the layout: the space is primarily given over to fresh food departments such as meat, bakery, fruit and vegetables and prepared foods. The store is said to work directly with Belgian farmers and specialist producers such as the cheesemaker Van Tricht.

The concept has been driven by Jean-Pierre Roelands, a former commercial director at Colruyt. He commented: "We are finding that there is once again a demand for authentic products".

"We call this 'deindustrialisation', which is not the same as nostalgia. Authenticity means leaving things as they are: bread should be made of flour, water, sourdough and salt; a lettuce is simply a lettuce.  However technology can also be authentic, so we are not doing away with digital solutions or traditional POS. When you come into the store you can check our range on a tablet. And payment can be arranged online".

The store will open in Overijse, in the Flanders region of Belgium, at the end of November.

Source: De Standaard / Levensmiddelenkrant