Belgium: Carrefour opens new style hypermarket

Belgium: Carrefour opens new style hypermarket

French retail chain Carrefour is looking to modernise its hypermarket concept in Belgium with a new-look store that aims to offer a ‘shop within a shop’ experience.

According to a report in Gondola, the new store at Mons Les Grands Pres offers a range of products organized in individually-styled ‘bakeries’, ‘wine cellars’ and similar ‘mini shops’, with trails designed to guide the consumer from one section to another. In addition, production facilities on the shop floor allow shoppers to watch products being made in front of their own eyes: a move that is designed to involve the consumer more in the products they are buying, increase the transparency of the manufacturing process, and add to the sense that the products in the store are ‘freshly made’.

A further feature of the store is its digital services, a number of which are said to be unique in Belgium. These include a ‘digital wall’ at the entrance to allow consumers to order larger grocery items, interactive screens to order products not available on shelves, and the option to search for recommended food and wine pairings.

The new store is claimed to offer more than 30,000 lines in total, focusing in particular on beer, wine and fresh produce.

Source: Gondola / International Supermarket News