Beer made ‘beautiful’ with aloe vera launch

Beer made ‘beautiful’ with aloe vera launch

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MANCHESTER – 8th April 2016: Beauty benefits are setting out their stall in the alcoholic drinks space with a new “refreshing” and “easy-to-drink” beer that is claimed to combine “health and flavour” with the virtues of “natural” ingredients – Beauty Aloe Beer.

Launched in 2015 by Spanish firm Alimentos Para El Siglo XXI, Beauty Aloe Beer harnesses the popularity of ‘easy-drinking’ and ‘refreshing’ beers and, in a bid to appeal to female drinkers, builds further on the concept with the addition of beauty benefits delivered through functional ingredients. The beer’s standout ingredient – comprising 10% of the overall composition – is natural and organic aloe vera juice, which is added to the product recipe alongside more conventional brewing ingredients such as malt, hops and honey.

Interestingly for a beer promoted as ‘craft’, however, the company claims that flavour is not the product’s primary focus. Instead, the launch plays strongly on the apparent health, and more specifically, ‘beautifying’ benefits of aloe vera: aloe’s “magical” elements acemanann and organic germanium are touted, alongside dietary fibre, minerals such as silicon and selenium, and other “nutrients directly related with the immune system and internal cellular regeneration”.

Beauty Aloe Beer, and its functional rivals, emphasise the scale of diversification that is now taking place in the beer space, with companies keener than ever to bring new consumers to the category through better segmented product concepts. Beauty Aloe Beer underlines in particular how this level of diversity could increasingly open up the beer category to female consumers, not only through lighter and more ‘refreshing’ flavours but also lifestyle-oriented concepts that promote health enhancement properties generally – and beauty benefits in particular – through formulations centred on natural, plant-based functional ingredients.

Image source: Alimentos Para El Siglo XXI


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