Beer goes premium with ‘fresh from the brewery’ launch

Beer goes premium with ‘fresh from the brewery’ launch

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MANCHESTER – 18th November 2015: This week’s Innovation Insight looks at an attempt to create “an entirely new category in the grocery store” through a launch that takes the concept of ‘fresh chilled beer’ to new heights – Heineken Extra Fresh Beer.

Designed around the notion that “nothing is as delicious as freshly brewed beer”, new Heineken Extra Fresh beer – due to be launched this month – has been developed so that consumers can experience the flavour of ‘straight from the brewery’ beer in their own home. The company ensures its new product is “protected against time, temperature and light” by first enveloping the bottle in a distinctive newspaper-like wrapper, and then by shipping it “as quickly as possible” under controlled temperatures, direct from brewery to store. To underline the positioning further, Heineken Extra Fresh is described as being sited in the ‘fresh produce’ aisles – something which, along with the distinctive wrapper, helps to place the product (physically and conceptually) ‘apart’ from more conventional beers. The limitations of the logistics mean that, for now, the product is only being made available in selected stores in the Netherlands.

With its dual focus on tradition and technology, Heineken Extra Fresh demonstrates a new and distinctive approach to the craft beer challenge. Rather than resorting to mimicry, Heineken is instead turning to its scale and logistical capabilities to drive innovation on its own terms, seeking out the discerning and adventurous beer consumer through a unique experience based on the power of packaging, technology and branding.

Image source: Heineken


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