Austria: Recheis launches pulse-based Balance pasta

Austria: Recheis launches pulse-based Balance pasta

Recheis, an Austrian pasta firm, is debuting a new line of health-oriented pasta products that are described as being made from pulses and legumes.

Promoted as “innovative, vegan, lighter products in line with one of the most important dietary trends of our time”, Recheis Balance Pasta is said to have 35% reduced carbohydrate content and to have been developed over two years in partnership with “scientists and nutritionists”.

As well as being low in carbohydrates, Rechies Balance Pasta is promoted as being rich in plant-derived proteins (28g per 100g) and fibre (11g per 100g) for a satiating effect.

The new launch, sold in 300g bags, is available from February in the varieties Dralli (Fusilli), Bandnudeln (Tagliatelle) and Hornchen (Cavatappi).

Source: / Recheis