Australia: Simplot extends Quorn meat / soy free range

Australia: Simplot extends Quorn meat / soy free range

Simplot Australia has recently extended its range of meat and soy free products under the Quorn brand name.

According to Australian Food News, the manufacturer claims that the new Quorn Pies and Schnitzels product range will offer vegetarians and meat reducers a “great tasting meat-free, soy-free meal alternative that can be heated and is ready to serve”.

Chief Marketing Officer at Simplot Australia, Suzanne Harman, said the new range was aimed at vegetarians “looking for meal options that they can’t replicate at home”. Ms Harman added: “We are excited to launch Quorn’s new vegetarian Pies and Schnitzels range, which provides a delicious dinner alternative for consumers looking to reduce the amount of meat they’re eating or omit it altogether”.

The new products comprise Mince & Potato Pies, Chicken-Style & Leek Pies and Tomato & Cheese Schnitzels.

Source: Australian Food News