Australia: Monster Health Food launches Health Star Rating

Australia: Monster Health Food launches Health Star Rating

Australian owned and made breakfast foods company Monster Health Food has become the first manufacturer in Australia’s to display a new Health Star Rating.

According to Food & Drink Business, the Health Star Rating system, which was developed by industry, consumer, and public health groups, aims to provide an overall indication of a food’s nutritional quality, with additional information providing an overview of the key nutrients such as salt, fats, sugars and fibre.

However many within the food industry are still determining whether the extra cost justifies the benefits of joining the scheme.

MHFCo Co-owner Trevor Lauman said “We have been honest and transparent about our products for 21 years; the Health Star Rating is about delivering honesty and transparency to consumers about products, so we wholeheartedly support it”.

He added: “Today we draw a line in the sand for the Australian food industry. We hope companies big and small follow our lead. Consumers deserve to have the food they are eating classified in an easy-to-understand way”.

The Health Star Rating system sees food products graded on a scale of one to five, with “five star” ratings awarded to products with the healthiest nutritional profile.

Source: Food & Drink Business / Choice