Australia: Helga’s launches “lower carb” bread

Australia: Helga’s launches “lower carb” bread

It has recently been announced that Helga’s has launched three “lower carb” bread products aimed at consumers following carbohydrate-controlled diets.

Food Mag Australia reports that the range contains 25 percent less carbohydrates than a standard mix grain loaf and is available in Five Seeds, Soy & Toasted Sesame and Golden Linseed varieties.

According to Susie Burrell, Helga’s lower carb dietician, “In my practice I regularly see busy, active women severely cutting carbs, including bread, to keep their weight under control. Unfortunately when they do this they also miss out on the vital nutrients wholegrains offer including fibre, Vitamin E, magnesium and essential fats”.

She went on to say: “For this reason, a lower carb wholegrain bread option, such as the new Helga’s range is a perfect alternative. It contains all the goodness of wholegrains, with a lower carb and kJ content - a perfect bread for our dietary needs”.

Source: Food Mag Australia