Australia: Heatwave hits honey supplies

Australia: Heatwave hits honey supplies

Australian food manufacturers are starting to feel the effects of recent abnormal weather conditions which have resulted in supply shortages of honey.

Food and Drink Business reports that The Australian Honey Bee Industry Council (AHBIC) recently warned companies that 2014 looked set to deliver the lowest honey yields nationally in at least a decade.

AHBIC added honey that supplies were falling by over 50 per cent due to excessive heat, flood and drought.

“It is a dire time for the honey industry with both apiarists and honey packers bracing themselves for the next 12 months,” Trevor Weatherhead from AHBIC said. He added that “honey producers would cut back on exports to help ensure the domestic supply but prices may rise.”

Anita Catalano from Nestle announced that the company was among those already feeling the effects. “The warmer weather has certainly had an impact on the supply of honey in Australia, not just for us, but for a number of food manufacturers” she said.

Ms Catalano went on to say: “This has made it challenging for us to source enough honey locally to meet our requirements. We are hoping the situation will improve, but saying that, we are currently looking at alternative sourcing options.”

Source: Food and Drink Business