Australia: Fonterra launches microfiltered milk

Australia: Fonterra launches microfiltered milk

New Zealand dairy firm Fonterra has launched a new version of its Anchor Milk in that is claimed to feature a microfiltration technology to extend shelf life.

Initially available in the Australian state of Victoria, Anchor Finely Filtered Milk uses microfiltration to remove 99% of the naturally occurring bacteria in milk via a technique that pushes the milk through a special ceramic filter. This creates a “beautifully fresh tasting” finished product that has an extended shelf life of 21 days, compared to 15 days for normal pasteurised milk .

Fonterra marketing director Kiril Simonovski said: “Anchor is clean on the palette and has distinctly no after-taste – even after a week or two in the fridge. Milk has become something of a commodity in Australia, but we saw the opportunity to raise the bar with Anchor and believe microfiltration will be a game-changer, with Victoria our first market”.

He went to add: “We know consumers shop by used by date because they want the freshest product.  We think Anchor will appeal to discerning households looking for a premium product with a recommended retail price of only slightly more than regular milk”.

Source: Fonterra