Australia: FAL Food & Beverages launches new twist on flavoured milk

Australia: FAL Food & Beverages launches new twist on flavoured milk

FAL Food & Beverages has recently announced the introduction of what it claims to be an Australian first – Coco Joy Flavoured Coconut Milk.

Newly launched on the Australian market, the coconut milk is said to be a "healthy, refreshing, dairy-free alternative to flavoured milks”.

Made with “real brown coconuts from Southeast Asia’s coconut groves”, the milk is available in Chocolate, Banana and Coffee flavours and is free from dairy, soy, lactose and gluten. It is also free from preservatives and contains natural flavours which makes it “the ideal choice for people with food intolerances or simply those health-conscious individuals who are looking for a refreshing and satisfying drink any time of the day or night”, according to FAL Food & Beverages CEO Tim Xenos.

According to Drinks Insight Network, the company also states that the coconut milk has up to 20% less sugar than other flavoured milk brands and, with all the goodness of fresh coconut, the company said it was  "finally giving Australians a healthier option that's easy on the taste buds and the stomach too”.

Coco Joy Flavoured Coconut Milk is available in 500ml and 250ml pack formats which have an a RRP of A$ 3.50 ($2.74) and A$2.50 ($1.96) respectively.

Source: Coco Joy / Australian Food News / Drinks Insight Network