Australia: Aldi arrives in Western Australia

Australia: Aldi arrives in Western Australia

Aldi, the discount retail chain, has opened new outlets in Perth, the first four of 70 planned supermarkets for western Australia, according to a report in Inside Retail.

Aldi’s Australian website lists a total of four stores now open in the Western Australia region, located in Belmont, Kwinana, Lakeside Joondalup and Mirrabooka Square. A further 13 future store locations are also detailed on the company webpage.

Just six weeks prior to the new stores in Perth, the company had also opened its first store in South Australia, located in the city of Adelaide. At the time of writing, the retailer gives details of 19 stores in total in the state, nine of which are listed as “now open”.

In relation to its entry into South Australia, Aldi said on its website: “We have well and truly settled into South Australia. The excitement has barely died down - customers love our unique offering, high quality and everyday low prices. We will launch up to 16 stores in 2016, and up to 50 stores in total over the coming years”.

Source: Inside Retail / Aldi