Americas top for low-calorie claims, high-calorie products in new food launches

Americas top for low-calorie claims, high-calorie products in new food launches

Insight by Gama Compass™

MANCHESTER – 10th September 2015: North America is the leading region for low calorie claims but also for high calorie products in new food industry launches, Gama’s latest study of global FMCG product innovation can reveal.

Focusing on products reported by Gama Compass™ over the last 18 months, Gama’s analysis has revealed the often stark variations, both in terms of low-calorie claims and actual calorie content, exhibited in product launches across different regions, with a general contrast emerging between North America and Latin America on the one hand and Europe and Asia Pacific on the other.

As an example, when new food products were grouped by calorie content, Latin America recorded just 15.8% of new  launches in the 'lower calorie' 50-150 kcal per 100g / ml bracket, while in Europe the same bracket accounted for 27.5% of launches. Similarly North America saw 44.4% of launches concentrated in the 'higher calorie' 350-500 kcal per 100g / ml bracket, compared to just 27.2% in Europe.

Also noteworthy was that the regions with the lowest proportion of food launches in the 0-200 kcal per 100g / ml bracket – Latin America and North America – actually recorded the greatest proportion of low calorie claims in that bracket. In North America, for instance, fewer than 30% of food launches were in the 0-200 kcal per 100g / ml bracket but 5% of these bore a low calorie claim; in Europe more than 40% of food launches were in the same bracket but low calorie claims stood at only 2.4%.

Meanwhile, the overall pattern for low calorie claims turned out to be fairly closely matched to the overall pattern for food launches by calorie bracket, with more claims appearing in those brackets that represented a greater proportion of total launches. For instance, 8% of launches in the 0-50 kcal per 100g / ml bracket globally made a low calorie claim, diminishing to 1.7% in the 250-300 kcal per 100g / ml bracket, but increasing again to 5.4% in the 400-450 kcal per 100g / ml bracket.

Source: Gama Compass™


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