Alberto Bertone, President & CEO<br />Sant’Anna

Alberto Bertone, President & CEO

Gama spoke to Alberto Bertone, President & CEO, Sant'Anna.


What key trends do you expect to shape non-alcoholic drinks innovation in 2016?

Throughout the world there is a move towards a culture that is more conscious of health and wellbeing, something which is seeing consumers turn away from high-sugar fizzy drinks towards water or other products considered more ‘natural’. This is something which over the last few years has enabled us to grow internationally: our water has exceptional qualities in terms of its sodium levels and dissolved solids, making it a very ‘light’ water and also ideally suited for newborn children.

In diversifying our business into products such as iced tea and fruit juice, we have also followed this trend: conscious of greater consumer interest in ingredient quality we have launched Sant’Anna SanThe (an iced tea made through an infusion process, with real fruit and no artificial flavours) and SanFruit (a line of preservative-free fruit nectars).


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